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Everyone is welcome!

Everyone is welcome in Keogh's. We believe in the power of community, in helping those around us and living as sustainably as possible. We insist on the finest ingredients, supporting small businesses wherever we can, and though we’re always innovating, our baking is based on time-honoured techniques and our decades-old starters. Nothing gives us as much pleasure as a freshly baked, lovingly crafted food.

We bake by hand with natural ingredients, and whilst we are ordinary people, we want to make extraordinary things. We want to play our part to bring humanity back into the food world, back to local communities.  

Modern Restaurant Kitchen


It's what separates us from the rest 

We dish out a mix of Irish classics with something for everyone. We do healthy & we do hearty with an eye on local & seasonal when we can. The idea has always been to serve homemade simple, delicious & wholesome breakfast that warms your heart.

We aim to source responsibly and have partnered with farms & businesses that share our values of putting people and community first.

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